Our prime mission is to guarantee quality and standard education by providing accreditation to the colleges and universities. IAB makes sure that the accreditation is being issued to those universities and colleges that provide quality education and instil corporate skills to the individuals.

IAB is ready to offer international accreditation to universities, colleges and other higher education institutions as well as tertiary institutions only based on their educational values and quality standards. Overall university’s curriculum and analytics needs to be judged and analysed before providing accreditation to different universities and colleges. Each higher education institution is responsible for its permanent teaching and research quality improvement.

Individuals can be rest assured of gaining a corporate skill set if they receive education from accredited colleges or universities.

Our mission is based on the following criterias. Those criterias include the following:

  1. Quality and Integrity;
  2. Qualifications of the teaching staffs
  3. Programs deliverables
  4. Services of the students
  5. Performances of the websitess
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