Eligibility Criteria

The universities or the colleges that apply for receiving accreditation need to fit the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria is the first and most important step of IAB. The entire revaluation of the resume will entail the following criterias:

  1. Governance, management and staff resources
  2. Premises, health and safety
  3. Teacher qualifications and experience
  4. Curriculum delivery
  5. Student Services

However, there are certain other criterias that need to be met before becoming eligible for the IAB accreditation. Those are the following:

  • The institution needs to formally en-roll students and keep records, documents and students’ academic data on a constant basis.
  • It has a students’ service specific department. It implements an in-service training process for its teachers.
  • It provides students with arranged teaching materials to facilitate didactic interaction.
  • It ensures continuous, two-way communication on students' work, e.g. by evaluating exams, projects and/or answering students' questions through quick feedback.
  • It relies on a pre-established reimbursement plan in case of cancellation.
  • It provides students’ academic information to employers, companies, organizations, enquiring about their study backgrounds.
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