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Accreditation of Training Institution

Get training on development of your professional skills. Get high-achieving skills and competencies from those accredited institutions

Accreditation of University

IAB accreditation for the undergraduate and graduate college is a benchmark of high-end quality and improvements.

Accreditation of Colleges

With IAB accreditation programs, be rest assured that the college is at par with the quality and improvement standards.

Accreditation for Online and Distance Education

Accreditation for online distance learning ensures that the institution is meeting the standards of quality.

Quality Assurance
Getting knowledge and skills from an accredited college or university is a reassurance of quality. It is a verification of the quality and integrity with deliverable programmes. Our accreditation primarily focuses on acquired professional skills.
Global Correctness
We do not discriminate on the type of school or university while rendering the accreditation. The accreditation is being given completely on the basis of the quality of education..
An Illustrious Version
The certification of accreditation from the International Accreditation Board is a trademark of quality. We reindeer certifications only to those institutions that meet our global standards and policies of education.
Better Results
By gaining knowledge and skills from an accredited intuition, it is evident that there will be better results in self growth and understanding. The en-route to success will start once the skills are acquired.


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Here’s What Everyone Has to Say

After accreditation from our end, our clients have something to say in favor of our services.


“Getting accreditation from IAB has reflected immediate benefits to our university. We got more exposure and recognition on the global platform because of the accreditation”.

Ray Sanchez

“Our university got access to updated research resources which attracted students from across the global boundaries. Accreditation from IAB has surely set higher standards for our academic excellence”.

Thomas Lopez

“Accreditation from IAB has become the trademark for improvement and high achieving results”.

Amber Page
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Significance of the World Credential Awards

World Credential Awards are important assets that help in improving your overall credential.

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Development in Career

Gaining knowledge and skills from an accredited school or university is a sure shot path to success and career development. Students would be able to make immense progress in their career path if they acquire skills from an accredited institution. An individual can continuously keep abreast of the technological updates with the help of the academic assistance from Credential Award from World Certification Institute (WCI).

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More Employment Facilities

With acquired knowledge and skills from the accredited colleges and universities, it is evident that an individual can be able to find more scope of employment with the help of the skill set acquired from an accredited university.

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With the help of accredited colleges and universities, an individual can be able to get more exposure for building a career. Once an individual is exposed to international skills and competencies with the help of a Credential Award from the World Certification Institute (WCI).

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