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The awards are being accredited to the individuals on the basis of the credentials on their CV. The professional evaluations in personal respect are being taken into consideration before rendering certificates or awards to the individuals. The accreditation to the individuals are being primarily given on the basis of three criteria. The criteria includes the following:

  • Experience in any specialized field
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership Qualities

If the individuals meet these credentials, they are being scored on the scale rate from 16 to 60. If the individuals pass this eligibility criteria, they are also eligible to receive the World Certified Profession. The scale of evaluation can be shown hereby:

0 - 15 = Fail

15 - 30 = WCE (World Certified Expert Award)

30 - 45 = WCS (World Certified Specialist Award)

45 - 60 = WCM (World Certified Master Award)

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