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AHQSE is a leading and independent global authority founded to evaluate operational standards of educational organizations in order to award accreditation. It is also responsible for recognizing professional capacities thanks to transnational skills, competencies and practices derived from internationally accepted best practices.

AHQSE offers international accreditation to universities, colleges and other higher education institutions as well as tertiary institutions such as technical and vocational training providers. The institutional accreditation confirms internal quality systems besides analyzing school or university's educational curricula and overall organization. Each higher education institution is responsible for its permanent teaching and research quality improvement.

On an individual level, AHQSE certifies those professional categories whose profile responds to precise professional skills. Rigorous evaluation of the candidate's CV is essential to earn an AHQSE Credential Award. Both accredited institutions and certified individuals will have their names and credentials recorded in the World Register of Accredited Institutions and Certified Professionals.

AHQSE accreditations for schools, universities and institutions proves educational operations high standard achievement and successful quality checks. Individual Credential Awards, on the other hand, is an international recognition of individual’s professional competences in a specified professional field. The Credential Award is an opportunity for individuals to use experiential expertise and knowledge for career advancement.

If you think your educational institution or professional profile is eligible to receive our credentials, please join our global network of successful institutions and professionals. Connect to a different professional backgrounds and inter-functional disciplines melting pot.

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